The Conspiracy of Blessings

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The Conspiracy of Blessings is a public gifting art project. A creative experiment in generosity and gift economy. Creative blessings may look like lovebombing my city with blessing cards or sending packages sent out to people – sometimes gratitude packages to people who’ve touched my heart in a special way and sometimes blessing packages for people who’ve requested them.

This is the message I send out with packages…

I make these blessings – currently Grace Hearts & Transformation Dolls – because I believe a better world is possible, a world where we build each other up & care for each other in small and tender ways. I believe in community & creating a sense of belonging for EVERYONE. I believe in transforming pain & suffering into something beautiful & meaningful.

I do this because I am an empath who feels the world’s pain in deep & profound ways. I am an artist who uses my empathy as a catalyst for transmuting pain into beauty & suffering into tenderness. As I recently phrased it in an especially heart-achey time, right now that means that I sew the fuck out of my feelings.

I sew my love into a piece with each of the hundreds of tiny stitches that hold it all together. I stuff my blessings to into its heart, often with herbs & other secret additions, & then wrap my good wishes for you around it in yarn, beads, chain and/or charms. Each piece is a blend of creativity & intuition, based on what I feel about & know of the recipient.

My hope is that this will be a talisman, a magic maker for you. I trust that you will feel the love & magic that infuses it. I trust that you will take that love and magic into the world to pay it forward in your own small & tender way.

In Love & Gratitude for You, April Cheri

*I am seeking people to bless by snail mail with Grace Hearts, Transformation Dolls and/or other artsy blessings of encouragement, love and support. Send me a private message through the Facebook page with a little information about the recipient (yourself or someone else) and an address and I’ll send an envelope full of love.

I created a Facebook page as a way for requests to come in, and for recipients to interact with the project and share their experiences with finding and receiving these gifts. I also share resources regarding generosity, gift economies, community building, etc.


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